Genie Video Recording Requirements

You will need:
  • Desktop, laptop, or tablet with access to a stable internet connection
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Speakers or headphones. Review video prior to submitting
  • Adequate lighting



Look Like a Pro:

Use these techniques will keep your video from looking like you shot it on a early 2000’s flip phone.


1. Properly frame yourself.
Sit back from the camera at a comfortable distance and make sure you’re centered in the frame. Make sure your camera is eye level. You don’t want viewers looking up your nose or directly at your forehead.


2. Keep the strongest light in front of you.
Facing a window will provide the best, most even distribution of light across your face. If you don’t have a useable window, place a floor or desk lamp in front of you and adjust accordingly. Avoid sitting with strong light behind you as this will create a backlit effect and make you appear as a silhouette.


3. Use a simple, clean, professional background.
We want you to be the star of your video, so be mindful of what’s behind you, Make sure your background is clean and simple. We want the viewer to focus on you, not the velvet painting of Elvis from college that’s on your wall (even if we do think it’s pretty cool.)


4. Quiet on the set!
Shut off fans, close windows, and avoid sitting near loud vents or anything else that could be picked up by your microphone and disrupt your audio. You would be surprised what gets picked up by your microphone.


5. Upgrade your gear.
We want you to look your best. A slight upgrade to your standard equipment can do wonders for the quality of your video. Check out the equipment options that we recommend HERE.


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