Mastery in Minutes

Mastery in Minutes is a series of one minute videos from world-class experts delivered weekly to improve the professional and personal lives of viewers.

Video Requirements
  • Mastery in a MINUTE. Each video cannot exceed 60 seconds.  But it’s not the end of the world if you go over a few seconds. We’re all human.
  • No soliciting. Genies should not stage sell or use the video to direct customers to their Storefront. These videos are meant to be content only.
  • Keep it comprehensive. Subject matter should be life advice through the prism of your area of expertise. For example, instead of speaking to Sales Negotiations, speak to a tried-and-true way to win over someone in daily conversation.
  • Stick to the script. Genies must follow the opening and closing script  written by Geniecast, unless otherwise approved. Script provided below.


Note: All previously recorded videos must meet the Geniecast video requirements. Videos not meeting requirements will not be uploaded to Program pages or used for a “Mastery in Minutes” campaign.


Mastery In Minutes Script

INTRO: Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and this is my Minute to Mastery on [LIFE ADVICE].

*insert your life advice here*

OUTRO: How will you [LIFE ADVICE]? or I challenge you to [LIFE ADVICE].

You need to enter your API key to use Clipchamp

Please record in 720p or 1080p resolution.

Note: Please only submit final recordings. Do not submit incomplete recordings or those you do not wish to be used on your Program Page.


See It In Action

Not sure how it should look? Here’s an example:

*Note – the intro/outro script for this video is from a previous campaign. Please use the script provided above.

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