Program Introduction Video

A Program Introduction Video is a 1 to 2 minute video for each program you’re offering on Geniecast and lives on that specific program page. We suggest using this video to describe the program, discussing the 3 to 5 key takeaways of your program, as well as showcasing your magical personality.

Video Requirements

Each program needs to have it’s own specific Program Introduction Video. These videos are used to help the client decide which program to book so take advantage of recording separate videos for each program, instead of a general video for all of your programs.

  1. Keep it brief.
  2. Each video cannot exceed 2 minutes, max. We’ve found the sweet spot is right around 90 seconds.
  3. One video per program.

You need to enter your API key to use Clipchamp
Please Note: We recommend using a desktop or laptop with a camera and microphone for your recording. Remember to introduce yourself, your program, and highlight the key takeaways of the program in each video.

Look Like a Pro

When recording your Program Introduction Video, use these techniques:

1. Bullet points instead of a script

This keeps your focus on the camera and your video more genuine. Casts are interactive, and your introduction
should express that.

2. Look at the camera instead of the screen.

Looking down at your screen, script, notes, etc., will make you appear as if you’re not looking at the
audience. Keep your eyes up on the camera for a natural looking video.

3. Clean it up.

Put those messy papers away, clear the room of any distractions, and aim to have a professional background.
This video could be your first impression on a potential client.

4. Smile and be enthusiastic

You are pitching yourself. If you don’t look like you want to be there, the potential client may feel the same

See It In Action

Not sure how it should look?  Here are a few examples:

  • Chris Westfall: New Rules of Engagement – View Chris Westfall
  • Kim Kaupe: How To Handle TV Or Public Speaking – From A “SharkTank” Survivor – View Kim Kaupe

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